168 Commits (330e72c21f589bbadac4eeddc7bdc45bf8f9f16f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen McQuay 330e72c21f Fixed unittests 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 81beee8b43 Put delete of game from controller in right place 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c8efd34080 ignore new binary 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 62222a9ad9 Removed a development json file 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 9a4b76f610 Added io.Reader and io.Writer wrapper 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay e6c7abc969 Implemented Fraser's suggestion 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay f645c42eb3 Added encoding negociation step into protocol. 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 00373be3da fixed misspelling 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 240492520e I was passing around a member variable. 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 67ad90d7a4 added logging line when using http profile info 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 0959be2df2 updated for changes in bandwidth 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay a932d24683 Added a memprofile dump flag and mechanism 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 6fd4138740 added bw calcs 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay ecc70606a9 missed some protoTalker conversions 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 491d972a4b added NewSpectator and NewPlayer funcs 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 0bc1575f81 fixed bug in last commit 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 5d9103f176 Pulled out common code from spectator and player 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay b131b4bc53 Count bytes coming in/out of player 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay ad9d6c1026 Switched to using json.Encoder and Decoder 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay bc58ee9165 solved spectator disconnect issue 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay eac39ad9d1 Changed the collision response from boolean to Collision 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 0698f21a0f Merge branch 'master' of ssh://bitbucket.org/hackerbots/botserv 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay ff3f9a5137 changed the stats payload 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham dce3f15c4c self shots are still suicides 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 7bb5ae59b3 send the client calculated values for stats 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c6c45ace51 cleaned up some logging 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay d3070ad501 send the client max points for the game 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay a57903d81c added tests for last commit (ProbeResult.Type) 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 714ea669d2 added probe result type 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay a755d28688 parity to formatting 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 7971198c17 Fixed collision detection in probes 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 72d5a1a64c stats stats stats stats 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 3fa53daadb rewrite of the stats system 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 90b7731865 allow the control interface to specify game type 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 9583de2ffa game types, deathmatch and melee 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 845db00032 added file line numbers to the logs 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 10373d06d2 update for api change in vector 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay cf3c7e8629 Merge branch 'point-limit' 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 3bb710dd9c point limit parametrized 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 33aea792ed allow probes while repairing and scanning 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham ffbd656bc7 stop firing 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 83f5d51bc4 min damage from collisions 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham f6c8399699 changes to collision response and player to player collision 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 34b8ec045f start using new poly intersection against buildings 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham b702afeb3a renaming rect to AABB 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 9ca442f10d stop sending all data to dead robots 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 4eb849a63f fixed resetart error vis-a-vis obstacles 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham cacb8b547d :( compile code before committing Fraser 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 4c4c0d4e67 objects have HP now, only direct hits hurt them 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham ae9d09596c prevent flipping between scan and repair for infinite awesomeness 7 years ago