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Stephen McQuay 0bc1575f81 fixed bug in last commit 7 years ago
.gitignore moved code out of awkward bots repo 8 years ago
config.go allow the control interface to specify game type 8 years ago
control.go stats stats stats stats 8 years ago
deathmatch.go parity to formatting 8 years ago
game.go solved spectator disconnect issue 7 years ago
id.go trim the hashes 8 years ago
id_test.go tests work for GOMAXPROCS>1 8 years ago
main.go added file line numbers to the logs 8 years ago
melee.go rewrite of the stats system 8 years ago
obstacle.go renaming rect to AABB 8 years ago
player.go fixed bug in last commit 7 years ago
projectile.go self shots are still suicides 8 years ago
protocol.go Pulled out common code from spectator and player 7 years ago
robot.go Changed the collision response from boolean to Collision 7 years ago
robot_test.go added tests for last commit (ProbeResult.Type) 8 years ago
sample_packet.json adding a sample JSON packet for reference 8 years ago
splosion.go minor tweaks, including go fmt 8 years ago