50 Commits (a956162205f3b83c7b5576da2102915868a58ad1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen McQuay a956162205 Plumbed Delta and the IdGenerator back through 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 0d11b8a0ba Added docs around MapLock, change visibility of methods 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 81beee8b43 Put delete of game from controller in right place 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c8efd34080 ignore new binary 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 9a4b76f610 Added io.Reader and io.Writer wrapper 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay e6c7abc969 Implemented Fraser's suggestion 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay f645c42eb3 Added encoding negociation step into protocol. 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 00373be3da fixed misspelling 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 6fd4138740 added bw calcs 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 491d972a4b added NewSpectator and NewPlayer funcs 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 5d9103f176 Pulled out common code from spectator and player 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay bc58ee9165 solved spectator disconnect issue 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay ff3f9a5137 changed the stats payload 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 7bb5ae59b3 send the client calculated values for stats 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c6c45ace51 cleaned up some logging 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay d3070ad501 send the client max points for the game 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 3fa53daadb rewrite of the stats system 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 90b7731865 allow the control interface to specify game type 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 3bb710dd9c point limit parametrized 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham c9f0fb08bb removing unused field in boardstate 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 58c084c7ab bandwidth reduction, filtering explosions and sending objects as [4]int 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 5a2651d0dd allow object specification 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 50868809bd revert me: default to allowing connecting players to start games 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 2e774285ba quieted things down slightly (logging) 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 245c483f9e added simple game stats 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 84ed6c9c32 added gameover packet 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay aabda1cc90 added config file support 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham c7d5e4be87 support setting heading in instructions 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 3f40fe4603 put point limit back to normal 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 9de2b51f46 fixed naming 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 570d8eea8e get multibots working 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham e39a97089e First pass of multibot support 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 49ff6af1f3 minor cleanup 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay caea45741f Added ability to configure game at creation time 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 14f6c65e86 obstacle support 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham f9b18eb253 Convert to 32-bit to save space in the serialization 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c074397c1f bugfix for incorrect logic in game creation 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham c80acb478b All sorts of fun stuff... 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay d19b3f71fa added ability to autovivify games in debug mode 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 56c965add7 some clean up 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 2a2f4f6f96 moved all negociation code into a single function 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay e33f2c0c4f moved code out of awkward bots repo 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 472e2011b9 logging and infinite melee 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 13c0cd047b use user-provided name in /game/list/ output 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay fb0e6d92d7 Sorted out extra load 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay b495b16065 refactor for bot 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 835303c53d middle of refactor 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 0512bb7664 added test for out of order conf, found bug that needs fixing 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 1b29096479 pared down logging in favor of unittests 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay ccd5dc3961 moved negociation code to func 7 years ago