48 Commits (a956162205f3b83c7b5576da2102915868a58ad1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen McQuay a956162205 Plumbed Delta and the IdGenerator back through 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay e02d220026 Fixed gob issue 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c8efd34080 ignore new binary 6 years ago
  Stephen McQuay eac39ad9d1 Changed the collision response from boolean to Collision 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 7bb5ae59b3 send the client calculated values for stats 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 714ea669d2 added probe result type 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 7971198c17 Fixed collision detection in probes 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 72d5a1a64c stats stats stats stats 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 3fa53daadb rewrite of the stats system 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 9583de2ffa game types, deathmatch and melee 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 33aea792ed allow probes while repairing and scanning 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 83f5d51bc4 min damage from collisions 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham f6c8399699 changes to collision response and player to player collision 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 34b8ec045f start using new poly intersection against buildings 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham b702afeb3a renaming rect to AABB 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 58c084c7ab bandwidth reduction, filtering explosions and sending objects as [4]int 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 2cbef76a37 cap healing health 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 2e774285ba quieted things down slightly (logging) 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham c7d5e4be87 support setting heading in instructions 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay da26e1ca46 simplified some loops 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay bc2d1cdd52 minor tweaks, including go fmt 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham d3c08a7953 move robot code into robot file 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 570d8eea8e get multibots working 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham e39a97089e First pass of multibot support 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 1b42a19393 active scanning 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham eabc1ebb41 probe result 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 829ba83f41 probes!!!! (not anal) 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham d2ae3c11d8 alert the robot if it's been hit 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 082b737805 first pass at repair mode 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham e562e2fefb players can now set target speed in bot code 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham cd9bb45ddc sort the all bots list 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 855b8518b8 weapon stats are now set via robot 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 1498414357 tweaks in support of better rendering 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 14f6c65e86 obstacle support 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham de68ec2e7b Create a stripped down version of the robot struct to represent all robots and break up the update into my_robots and robots. 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 200afffa7f moved a bunch of logic out of run and into functions of the game, for a cleaner separation of functionality. 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 776a7eee98 split splosions and projectiles into separate files 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham fd13cb318a removed unecessary data from payload sent to the client and filter outgoing robot list by scanner contents for each player until they die 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham f9b18eb253 Convert to 32-bit to save space in the serialization 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham c80acb478b All sorts of fun stuff... 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay b142845b5c moved move out of vector lib 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay e33f2c0c4f moved code out of awkward bots repo 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay f8378cf89b Got game working again 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 0cc03e5768 removed unused struct 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay b495b16065 refactor for bot 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 1b29096479 pared down logging in favor of unittests 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay e391cd3a0b Changed to use user-provided stats. 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 3b183481ef added rest of game in current state 7 years ago