182 Commits (72d0843ff86b52356a9dbd9ae2eb0cdec6df6092)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fraser Graham cfd3d91942 filter projectiles and objects by scanners 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 2707294bb6 Added flag to start with live http profiler 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham e562e2fefb players can now set target speed in bot code 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham cd9bb45ddc sort the all bots list 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 855b8518b8 weapon stats are now set via robot 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham dfb3dba4f4 proper player collision and direct hit capability 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 545b68d1d7 projectiles should have their own ID 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham bad900997f add -timescale to command line to speed up or slow down time on server, try 0.1 - 2.0 range for fun 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 43b68f27f8 remove some unused data from payload 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 6ff9606367 objects generate entirely inside world 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham c8913c563e I may have fixed some collision issues (badly) 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 1498414357 tweaks in support of better rendering 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham a4b539e79d accurate collition positioning 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 235fc1ce6f fixed projectile explosions pos 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 5c77e373c3 scanners for projectiles 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 14f6c65e86 obstacle support 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham de68ec2e7b Create a stripped down version of the robot struct to represent all robots and break up the update into my_robots and robots. 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham cc248dc2fe adding a listing of all bot id's and health to each payload 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 71f7a262ba enabled player collisions 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham c910902d38 collision work 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 200afffa7f moved a bunch of logic out of run and into functions of the game, for a cleaner separation of functionality. 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 776a7eee98 split splosions and projectiles into separate files 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 541e213c66 adding a sample JSON packet for reference 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham fd13cb318a removed unecessary data from payload sent to the client and filter outgoing robot list by scanner contents for each player until they die 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham f9b18eb253 Convert to 32-bit to save space in the serialization 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c074397c1f bugfix for incorrect logic in game creation 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham c80acb478b All sorts of fun stuff... 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay d19b3f71fa added ability to autovivify games in debug mode 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 2edc7c61af fixing bug where heading can be 0 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham e02c5f89fb make projectiles arrive at their destination regardless of tick time 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay f4e2e84676 added more logging to control requests 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 158c7d90d8 fixed tick bombs 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay e06f70aed6 go fmt 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay bd4cb39828 added profiling flag and kill channel 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 83da3961cd infinite melee!! 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 56c965add7 some clean up 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c5bddcdc31 renamed the file housing the http control protocol, removed defunct test 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 2a2f4f6f96 moved all negociation code into a single function 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay b142845b5c moved move out of vector lib 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay e33f2c0c4f moved code out of awkward bots repo 7 years ago
  Fraser Graham 92a2040d70 Adding collisions and acceleration. Fixing splosions and projectiles. 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 472e2011b9 logging and infinite melee 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 13c0cd047b use user-provided name in /game/list/ output 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay f8378cf89b Got game working again 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay f175e45c63 added simple, non-leaking game stop url 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay b7087adb78 reuse some slices 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay bf853880ca go fmt 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay f9b646e50c send back more information on /game/list/ 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 45cc67a5f1 make it simple to track last time 7 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 1ca4679b04 embedded the mutex into the games global (one fewer global) 7 years ago