sample pg <-> go code for dealing with pg points.
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This sample module shows how to create a type that implements the required interfaces to be used as a custom type with package.

Sample db table:

CREATE TABLE places (id SERIAL, name varchar(512), loc point);

and then use as such (err omitted for brevity):

type Location struct {
	Id          int
	Name        string
	Description string
	Loc         Point // custom type

func main() {
	db, _ := sqlx.Connect(
		"<your config here>",

	loc := Location{}
	rows, _ := db.Queryx(
		`SELECT * FROM places`,
	for rows.Next() {
		fmt.Printf("%+v", loc)

		"INSERT INTO places(name, loc) VALUES ($1, $3):,
		"some name"
		Point{3.14, 6.28},