nfreq is a little program that answers the question "who has the most repeated letters in their name?"
Updated 2016-11-06 11:18:45 -08:00
apprenda take home assessment
Updated 2017-01-24 18:26:03 -08:00
Prints out TLS certificate expiration date for remote servers.
Updated 2018-04-09 15:41:08 -07:00
simple program to move a directory with thousands of files into 256 directories which are first byte of the md5 of the file.
Updated 2016-06-04 11:58:17 -07:00
Go wrapper library for halo5 api
Updated 2016-06-01 10:14:16 -07:00
one of my earlier go projects; I wanted to see if people would put in a username/password into an empty username/password form on the web.
Updated 2015-06-22 19:36:52 -07:00
an example of how to embed static assets into a distributable go binary.
Updated 2017-01-26 20:18:18 -08:00
Small project for me to play around with boltdb.
Updated 2016-08-22 17:58:15 -07:00