Contains the source code from the course work throughout my undergraduate Computer Engineering degree at Brigham Young University. There is a mixture of Go, Python, C, C++, Java, VHDL, Verilog, Matlab, Bash, Assembly, etc..
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37 lines

  1. lab6.bin: lab6.s
  2. nasm lab6.s -o lab6.bin -l lab6.lst
  3. lab6.s: clib.s myinth.s yakc.s PriorityQueue.s DelayQueue.s Semaphore.s MessageQueue.s lab6app.s
  4. cat clib.s myisr.s myinth.s yaks.s yakc.s PriorityQueue.s DelayQueue.s Semaphore.s MessageQueue.s lab6app.s > lab6.s
  5. myinth.s: myinth.c
  6. cpp myinth.c myinth.i
  7. c86 -g myinth.i myinth.s
  8. PriorityQueue.s: PriorityQueue.c
  9. cpp PriorityQueue.c PriorityQueue.i
  10. c86 -g PriorityQueue.i PriorityQueue.s
  11. DelayQueue.s: DelayQueue.c
  12. cpp DelayQueue.c DelayQueue.i
  13. c86 -g DelayQueue.i DelayQueue.s
  14. Semaphore.s: Semaphore.c
  15. cpp Semaphore.c Semaphore.i
  16. c86 -g Semaphore.i Semaphore.s
  17. MessageQueue.s: MessageQueue.c
  18. cpp MessageQueue.c MessageQueue.i
  19. c86 -g MessageQueue.i MessageQueue.s
  20. lab6app.s: lab6app.c
  21. cpp lab6app.c lab6app.i
  22. c86 -g lab6app.i lab6app.s
  23. yakc.s: yakc.c
  24. cpp yakc.c yakc.i
  25. c86 -g yakc.i yakc.s
  26. clean:
  27. rm lab6.bin lab6.lst lab6.s myinth.s myinth.i DelayQueue.s DelayQueue.i yakc.s yakc.i PriorityQueue.i PriorityQueue.s Semaphore.i Semaphore.s MessageQueue.i MessageQueue.s lab6app.i lab6app.s