a simple go tool vanity url server.
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  1. /*
  2. Package vain implements a vanity service for use by the the go tool.
  3. The executable, cmd/vaind, is located in the respective subdirectory. vaind,
  4. a webserver for hosting go get vanity urls.
  5. The go get command searches for the following header when searching for
  6. packages:
  7. <meta name="go-import" content="import-prefix vcs repo-root">
  8. this is simply a service for aggregating a collection of prefix, vcs, and
  9. repo-root tuples, and serving the appropriate header over http. For more
  10. information please refer to the documentation for the go tool found at
  11. https://golang.org/cmd/go/#hdr-Remote_import_paths
  12. For instructions on how to use this service, build the daemon, run it, and
  13. visit the root url.
  14. */
  15. package vain