store arbitrary json blobs in postgres over http
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itslog is a simple logging system. You can send it a payload that looks like this:

    "level" : 1,
    "namespace": "ren.stimpy",
    "payload": {
        "type": "arbitrary object",
        "wait, any type?": [
            "I am",
            "very serious"
        "pi": 3.142

and itslog will gracefully shove it into a postgres database for future retrieval. It is literally the simplest program of this variety one could possibly imagine.

Simply provide it with a level, a namespace, and a payload, and itslog will do the rest. Please note that payload can be any valid json object.

future work

implement a (very simple) query api, supporting filtering based on:

  • log level
  • namespace
  • date range