sample python ircbot using twisted.
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On Feb 13th I joined the PyLadies folks (along with a friend, `@btanaka
<>`_) to learn about how to make an IRC bot.

There was no formal presentation, but it was a great opportunity to get
together with friends and hack. The notes from the event can be found `here
<>`_, with relevant code found at `this GitHub repo

I can understand why `Rachel <>`_ would have started
with a repository that wouldn't have required a single sudo or pip command:
`K.I.S.S <>`_ . There is overhead
associated with teaching pip/virtualenv/etc. when people don't know what that

After perusing the code in that repo, however, I thought that there had to be
a simpler way. Back in December the question of making an IRC bot came up in
the `BayPIGgies <>`_ mailing list, and Guido hisself
answered `with one word: Twisted

I thought I ought to look at what it would take, and turns out that it isn't
much; I made this repo/package so that people could grab the source, run develop, and hack/execute to their heart's content.

I hope someone finds it useful.


If you're going to hack, clone this repo:

.. code-block:: bash

git clone
cd ircbot
python develop

And then continue to add code to ircbot.IRCBot.privmsg.

If you're not going to hack and just want a simple echo server:

.. code-block:: bash

pip install ircbot


Once you've installed the bot, you can invoke it as such:

.. code-block:: bash

ircbot -p 6668 -n echobot python utah-python

or consult ircbot -h.