keeping track of my children's money since 2013
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========== Allowances

.. rubric:: keeping track of my children’s money since 2013


I want to write a from-scratch, non-tutorial web application in go. This is my attempt at such an endeavor.


The main point of this app should be the following: * authenticate user(s) * All should be able to see: - how much each child has earned - show results for a single child * Authenticated users should be able to: - add money to a given child by surfing to their page and clicking on coins * The app should: - be resilient to restart - on write, store info in .json db - on start up deal with parsing and empty data.json files - look better than what I’ve written in the past


* bootstrap_
    - place in ./static/bootstrap

Bootstrap DB

$ echo “[]” > passwds.json

.. _bootstrap: