14 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fraser Graham ef33a17b6a Remove special case wall collisions, replace with generated objects 3 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 446eba5209 vantiy urls 4 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 961cf5d7da Make obstacles know how to minify themselves 5 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 8f7ef5aa1a float32 -> float64 5 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 72d0843ff8 Renamed package/directory 5 years ago
  Stephen McQuay 9e1cd272f7 Fixed warnings generated by go vet 5 years ago
  Stephen McQuay faacfe7fd9 First pass at documentations. 5 years ago
  Stephen McQuay c8efd34080 ignore new binary 5 years ago
  Fraser Graham b702afeb3a renaming rect to AABB 5 years ago
  Fraser Graham 4c4c0d4e67 objects have HP now, only direct hits hurt them 5 years ago
  Fraser Graham 58c084c7ab bandwidth reduction, filtering explosions and sending objects as [4]int 5 years ago
  Fraser Graham cfd3d91942 filter projectiles and objects by scanners 5 years ago
  Fraser Graham 6ff9606367 objects generate entirely inside world 5 years ago
  Fraser Graham 14f6c65e86 obstacle support 5 years ago