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package client
import ""
// Player is the interface that is implemented when specifying non-default
// player behavior.
// The general case will be to implement a Player type that contains the magic
// required to slay other robots quickly while staying alive for a long time.
type Player interface {
// GetStats returns a map with an entry for each robot the player will control
// containing the desired stats for that robot
GetStats() map[string]server.StatsRequest
// SetIDs is called from the client once the server
// has accepted the robots supplied in GetStats and validated
// their config, the data passed into SetIDs is a mapping of
// bot name to server side bot ID that is used in all bot
// dats sent from the server
// Update is called on reciept of a board state packet and the response is
// the instructions for each robot in a map of robot id to instructions
Update(bs *server.Boardstate) map[string]server.Instruction
type Spectator struct{}
func (s Spectator) SetIDs(map[string]string) {}
func (s Spectator) GetStats() map[string]server.StatsRequest {
return nil
func (s Spectator) Update(bs *server.Boardstate) map[string]server.Instruction {
return nil